Unique team & resources

GlucoModicum  is based on a high impact, multi-year research project. Company founders have background in University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi University, Harvard, Stanford and Moscow State University. GlucoModicum team has previously created medical devices and the team has thorough experience of taking growth companies to next level, including exits and IPO. In addition to our in-house expertise we collaborate with the leading experts concerning bio-sensors, high tech electronics and productization. GlucoModicum holds a global IPR portfolio concerning enabling technology and integrated solutions.

Functional Leads

Commercial, General Management and Operations


Managing Director

+18 yrs experience in High Tech industries: Microsoft, Nokia, Deloitte, Oracle

Physics and Bio-electronics


Scientific Advisor, Chairman of the Board

Senior Professor, Physics & Electronics Research Lab

University of Helsinki, Harvard, Stanford

Chief Technology Officer

PhD, Bio-electronics

University of Helsinki

Bio-sensors, polymers, analytical chemistry


Scientific Advisor

Senior Professor, Analytical Chemistry

Åbo Akademi University

Sensor Lead

PhD, Bio-sensors & Polymers

Åbo Akademi University
Moscow State University



Senior R&D Scientist

PhD, Chemistry & biophysics, supramolecular systems, Microfluidics

University of Cambridge, Stanford University of School of Medicine, Aalto University

Medicine: Diabetes


Chief Medical Officer

Medical Doctor

Long clinical experience and research on Diabetes

Medicine: Dermatology


Medical and R&D Advisor

Medical Doctor

In addition to Medicine Juha-Matti has broad experience on advanced physics.

Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling


Data Lead

PhD, Astro physics

Extensive experience of data calibration and analysis, image analysis, deep learning, signal processing and detection, big data, and dynamical modelling

Finca, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, University of New Mexico

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Approvals



Licentiate of Science, Health technology

+14 yrs experience of medical and IVD devices development, biomedical engineering, risk management, regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Medicine, Medical devices, Usability, Public Healthcare


Senior Medical Advisor

Medical Doctor, PhD

Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Neurology at Helsinki University Hospital and in Cognitive Ergonomics at Aalto University.

Extensive experience in clinical research, medical technology and health wearables R&D, focused on usability and human factors.

Helsinki University Hospital is one of the leading health care organizations in Europe. 
HUS Helsinki University Hospital consists of 23 different hospitals. HUS takes care of over 540,000 individual patients every year, including more than 2 million patient visits per year.

R&D and Productization Operations

We have a diverse and high calibre team consisting more than 20 experts covering:

  • BioPhysics
  • Bioelectronics
  • Biosensors and Polymers
  • Medicine
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical device development
  • Embedded software development
  • Super computing and FEM modelling
  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Approvals
  • Large scale diagnostics and laboratory operations
  • Commercial development
  • Medical device sales and distribution


We work with world-class companies and experts.

World-class capabilities: complex electro-mechanics, connectivity, materials mgmt, SW, HW and productization.

IoT Forge supports Finnish SME and Start-up companies which work with IoT products and solutions. Focus is to speed up the time from idea to its validation and lower the owner risk level.


Haltian is a boutique Hi Tech product development company: product design, concepting and creation of a complete product – Ready for mass manufacturing. Haltian conducts “special projects” for multiple global corporations.


Clinius is a device CRO with main focus on clinical trials and ISO 13485 Quality Management consulting.

Clinius is Finland’s leading clinical trial company having more than 20 years experience with supporting device development.


Mectalent Medical is a leading expert in Medical Device registrations worldwide covering MD, IVD, AIMD and Clinical Evaluation. Mectalent has conducted hundreds of CE and FDA 510(k) registrations.


Business Finland has provided significant support and funding to GlucoModicum.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened heavy doors to GlucoModicum in different parts of the world concerning local partnering.


GlucoModicum is closely connected to different universities and related scientific networks and know-how.

University of Helsinki. Est 1640. A community of 40 000 employees and students. https://www.helsinki.fi/en/university

Åbo Akademi University. Est 1918. A community of 6 600 employees and students. https://www.abo.fi/en/

Other universities.


GlucoModicum is built on collaboration, with space for unique individuals to show their brilliance.

We believe diversity enables us to create unexpected results. We have leading experts and know-how covering different functional areas. Our team members come from Europe, Latin-America, North-America, Russia and Asia.