GlucoModicum and Phillips-Medisize sign a design and development program for the rapid scale-up of its needle-free continuous glucose monitor

– Agreement will prepare the Talisman for mass production and commercialization –

Helsinki, Finland, 29 September 2021 – GlucoModicum, a company transforming glucose monitoring with precise, needle-free magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology, announced today that it has signed a design and development collaboration with Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, a global leader in front-end design, development and manufacturing for highly regulated industries such as pharma, diagnostics, and medtech.

The collaboration will focus on creating the final blueprint for high-volume manufacturing of the Talisman, GlucoModicum’s precise, needle-free continuous glucose monitor (CGM) using its unique, patented MHD platform technology. The Talisman overcomes the limitations of current technologies by measuring glucose molecules diffused through your skin rather than using needles. As a result, it samples the interstitial fluid, the body fluid between blood vessels and cells, rapidly and gently without the pain and inconvenience of needles.

The collaboration with Phillips-Medisize, conducted at its Global Innovation and Development Center in Hudson, WI, will streamline and optimize the usability, desirability and manufacturability of the Talisman to prepare mass production for successful commercialization. The collaboration will also focus on ensuring that the Talisman can be accessible to all who need it, with a lower cost profile than other CGMs on the market currently.

Jokke Mäki, Chief Executive Officer of GlucoModicum, commented: “Phillips-Medisize is the world leader in medtech design and development working with many of the world’s leading medtech players. We are excited to collaborate with their extensive team of experts who bring robust experience in human-centered design, innovation and patient testing of medical products, as well as highly scalable manufacturing capabilities to produce these unique products in mass quantities to address expected demand. This combined expertise has allowed Phillips-Medisize to already make significant progress on the project. I am convinced that our partnership will allow us to bring about a new era in glucose monitoring, without needles.”

John Horgan, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing at Phillips-Medisize, commented: “Phillips-Medisize develops leading-edge medical device solutions, from initial concept through high-volume manufacturing and connection to the full healthcare information management ecosystem. In carefully validated cases, we work with innovative companies like GlucoModicum because we believe it’s where some of the most exciting technology breakthroughs happen. For example, GlucoModicum’s magnetohydrodynamic technology has the potential to change the landscape of continuous glucose monitoring globally, and we are excited to work with this innovative team to make needle-free glucose monitoring a reality.”