GlucoModicum completes industrial grade prototype and sensor

GlucoModicum has conducted extensive in-house R&D during 2015-2019. Based on created assets and IPR, during 2018-2019 it has been possible to progress to next level in R&D in creating an industrial level prototype together with the leading high-tech partners. Code name: “Project “Flint”. In Flint all of the critical technology elements have been integrated.


State-of-the art flexible bioelectronics (sensor), electromechanics, connectivity, power management, embedded SW and operating system. Integrated.

Proprietary GlucoModicum technology. GlucoModicum holds all IPR and rights concerning the technology, manufacturing blueprints and products.

As of today GlucoModicum has a blueprint and readiness for mass production both for the device and sensors.

Multiple units shipped and operational. Clinical trials to be started soon with Flint.


In Finland there is very unique know-how on high impact research on physics and bio-technology and high-tech electronics productization on global scale.

In creating Flint, this is probably the first time when these two elements have been brought together. End result is unique and impressive. I believe there are very few places where this could’ve been done.

- Jokke Mäki, GlucoModicum MD

Flint is our first industrial grade implementation. This is just a first step. We have a clear view and on-going work to take the product portfolio further in terms of miniaturizing the product and developing the key features.

- Alejandro Garcia, GlucoModicum CTO

I have seen GlucoModicum technology. What they are doing is very difficult, however, they have overcome the key challenges to make it work. I am very excited about this technology and product.

– SVP, Global Technology Company