GlucoModicum completes successful pilot clinical trials

More than 50 volunteers, type 2 diabetics and healthy individuals, have participated to GlucoModicum clinical trials during May 2019 – July 2019. GlucoModicum in-house prototype was tested in the clinical trials. Clinical trials were successful.

Initial results of the clinical pilot indicate that GlucoModicum’s non-invasive technology may provide an optimal performance for type 2 diabetics to manage their health. At the moment there are no other non-invasive technologies in the market which can be used for this purpose.


Clinical trials have been successful. We have not encountered any problems; everything has progressed smoothly.
I feel very excited about this.

- Kim Pettersson-Fernholm, GlucoModicum Chief Medical Officer,

We are very pleased to see the clinical trial results and how GlucoModicum technology and device is capable of measuring glucose levels non-invasively.

- Alejandro Garcia, GlucoModicum CTO, and Zhanna Boeva, Sensor Lead

Measuring my glucose levels with GlucoModicum device has been a very pleasant experience.
I would like to buy it.

- Spontaneous reactions by multiple Clinical Trial participants (diabetics).