GlucoModicum has received a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission

GlucoModicum, an innovative biotechnology company, has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for its “The first truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device” -project. The award certifies that the proposal is of a high quality with an exceptional degree of innovation and impact.

“The First truly non-invasive glucose monitoring device” applies proprietary technology, enabling needle-free biomarker monitoring, unlike anything else created earlier. GlucoModicum holds a global patent portfolio related to this technology. This solution will significantly increase the wellbeing of hundreds of millions of diabetics around the world benefiting from the needle-free glucose monitoring.

The Seal of Excellence is an initiative that began in 2015 to provide validation for proposals that have reached the stringent threshold for Horizon 2020. The project was evaluated by an international panel of independent experts to ensure that the rigorous assessment criteria of excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation were met.


We are delighted that our proposal has been endorsed by the European Commission. Receiving the Seal of Excellence has reinforced our commitment to developing and productizing our technology, helping diabetics around the world to monitor their health elegantly and conveniently, without needles.

Jokke Mäki, Managing Director