GlucoModicum publishes data showing integration of MHD technology with ultra-sensitive biosensor enables accurate needle-free glucose monitoring

– Data published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics demonstrates MHD integrated with a biosensor is highly effective for accurate determination of glucose concentrations
– Supports the development of a non-invasive glucose monitor using MHD platform technology

Helsinki, Finland, 5 April 2022 — GlucoModicum, a company transforming glucose monitoring with precise, needle-free magnetohydrodynamic technology, announced today that peer-reviewed data showing the effective integration of the Company’s magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology platform with an amperometric biosensor, has been published in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

GlucoModicum’s MHD fluid extractor was integrated with an amperometric glucose biosensor to determine the efficacy of a continuous non-invasive glucose monitoring (CGM) device designed to measure glucose levels through the skin.
The data showed that the glucose levels determined by the biosensor in the fluid that was extracted through skin, strongly correlated with the glucose concentration in the fluid beneath the skin, therefore demonstrating the effectiveness of the magnetohydrodynamic technique in conjunction with a biosensor.

This publication validates previous data obtained by GlucoModicum which showed that MHD extracts interstitial fluid from the skin 13x more effectively than other needle-free approaches. Combining previous data with the findings from this study, GlucoModicum’s novel method of precise, needle-free glucose monitoring is demonstrated to be safe and scientifically sound.

Professor Johan Bobacka, Co-Founder of GlucoModicum, commented:This data further highlights the efficacy of our proprietary MHD technology in extracting interstitial fluid through the skin. More importantly, the data demonstrates the successful integration of this technology with a biosensor, marking an important step forward towards the development of a precise, needle-free continuous glucose monitor with the accuracy required to meet the needs of patients with diabetes.