Our technology

GlucoModicum is pioneering a revolutionary new sensor, the Talisman, which measures glucose molecules diffused through your skin. This is based on unique platform magnetohydrodynamic technology that can sample interstitial fluid, the body fluid between blood vessels and cells, non-invasively, rapidly and gently. This is the first time in 25 years that a new technology category has been introduced in this space.

MHD is a physical phenomenon where fluid flow is induced by external magnetic and electric fields (Lorentz force). The same physical mechanism has been used in other biomedical applications, e.g. in micropumps and jet injectors.

This technology is the result of six years of research at the University of Helsinki from renowned scientists from across the globe and has already been peer-reviewed in Scientific Reports (a Nature publication) which showed that the performance is 13x better than previous needle-free approaches.


Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

  • Accurate
  • Small size
  • Affordable
Simple and easy to use

Feels comfortable on your upper arm or torso

Connected device

Simple and easy to use
Feels comfortable on your upper arm or torso
Connected device

All of GlucoModicum’s future products will be connected devices where data and insights can be continuously synced with a smartphone and uploaded to the cloud.


Track your glucose levels as needed.

  • 1/3 of the world population is at risk of developing diabetes. If you believe that you are at risk, you can periodically check your glucose levels.
  • Globally, +400 million people have diabetes while more than 100 million people are undiagnosed. This requires either continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) or periodic measurements throughout the day. We believe that people deserve an accessible, needle-free alternative to CGM.


Stress, Fertility, Sports
performance, etc.

GlucoModicum evaluates and develops solutions to other analytes, in addition to glucose.


"I used this device in clinical trials for many hours and I did not feel anything. When I saw the data & results, it showed the device tracked my glucose levels on par with multiple blood samples done via finger pricking. This is incredible."

– Clinical Pilot Volunteer

"I have tested the device myself and seen the initial results. I feel very excited about this."

– Medical Doctor, Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUS)

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